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October 2006
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w0ot! Been working on the website - It looks good! Unfortunately, I have no idea when it will be up. I doubt it'll be anytime soon. But still, it looks good! xD

My night has been crazy. Things come out of the walls at night, here. THINGS! But that's not the point. Point is, I got in a huge fight with my best friend - Except, there was no actualy fighting or arguing. Which is confusing.

It wasn't pretty any way.

Aino, who turns out to be very goodlooking (shocking, I know!) is becoming more and more life-like by the moment. Only problem is, he's angry, and he's concerned only with revenge and power. The person I originally thought Aino would be has changed drastically due ot the influences in his background. Its almost scary. But of course, like all good heroes, he will fall in love with teh girl, and save the day =)

The Court of a Thousand Jesters is coming along well, I'm half-obsessed with the idea. Thieves, traitors and ghosts battling it out in a futuristic world. Beautiful.

What really ruined my day, though, is I lost the outlines to those two short stories and I think I'm going to have to re-write them! Problem is, I can barely remember them with all this other stuff going on. Evil short stories, getting lost and stuff!

Things just don't like me.

Well, I'm off to bed now. 'Night!

- Avi

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Okay, once again I'm up later than I really should be (dumb antibiotics and their dumb you-must-take-me-every-eight-hours attitude). Might as well post before I go to bed, right?

Problem is, my thoughts are seriously jumbled. I've been working on outlines to a couple of short stories, not yet titled, expanding on a random novel idea I had that is, at the moment, named "Court of a Thousand Jesters", and Aino - the mentally disturbed hero of The Original Plot - just won't shut up yapping at me about how he's more important than the rest and I should focus on him!

I've also spent some time working on a personal website for me and Charlie. It almost makes me wish I hadn't learned all that HTML, then I could be like everybody else and do it the easy way - But no, I know HTML and I can't take the short cuts. Heck, I can't even take the short cuts in graphic design, so a good chunk of my day was spent working on a logo. Stupid artistic brain.

Stuuuuupid, like a fox! Well, that fox o.O

Ten awesome points to anyone who got that reference =)

On top of everything else I'm now worried my phone company is gonna bill me for all the time I've been spending online - Don't ask me to explain how that works, because I really don't get it. We have "unlimited service" and they somehow manage to butt in (greedy corporate losers! Grr!) and charge us money for going over our "unlimited" minutes (unlimited is actually symbolic for 5000, apparently) by being online too much. Excuse me?

What really sucks is that this time, I'm not just chatting like a lovesick fool - Well, okay, maybe a little, but its mostly work! I mean, there's only so long you can chat with a dude who's six hours ahead of you before he has to go to bed. Or risk him collapsing in the middle of the street the next day and being hit by a car.

Any way, its not my fault that the Opelika library sucks for research, and what's my excuse when we get some $50 bill? "But, I was working!"?! Yeah, right.

Okay, so I'm not working right now - But jeeze, I'm 17, I can take a break and be stupid sometimes.

... Okay, so I'm 15. Big deal! >O

- Avi

(Oh, and Charlie ditched me to go see a movie. Kids these days...)

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Yeah, check me out, my first post ever in a blog! I never dreamed I'd have a blog, I tend to shy away from more popular things.

Okay, so here's the deal: I'm a suffering young artist/writer - I know, I know, typical, right? My story's rather unique, though, as it happens. I can't remember a time in my life when I didn't want to write. When I was younger, my family didn't have enough money to let me take martial arts, so I turned to writing because it was something money couldn't take away from me.

No need to go into some dramatic, depressing life story of how poor I was and what a horrible life I had - Because I didn't, so that would be some serious dramatization. And besides, that's not the point.

The point is, I need money. Martial arts is no longer the number one concern. No, see, the fact that the guy I love is in fricken England across the big water we call the Atlantic has taken 1st place on Avi's List of Obsessions. Right, so, money comes up as an issue every once in a while in the "how-the-bloody-hell-are-we-gonna-see-each-other" schemes.

What could I do? I have talent, but I can't follow a schedule. One idea is overrun by a new one constantly so that I can't write one thing without jumping to the next. And writing I no longer enjoy so much as actually creating worlds, plots, and characters. Then I met Charlie.

w0ot! Well, actually, I'd already met Charlie. But out of a sudden gut feeling one day I decided to team up with him and write a sci-fi novel. I would provide the material and he would write it out. We'd split any earnings, etc. Mostly it was just an experiment at the time, something to keep my mind off the misery of being alone. But it became something much more.

As it is, we are attempting to write a few short stories together and have them published before tackling that novel. What's great is Charlie can write for fun while I focus on success and developing new ideas, which is what I love most about the writing process.

Okay, well, its 11:13 and I'm dead tired. 'Night! ;-)

- Avi

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